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Robynn Fulfs Clay

Ceramic Art

The Artist

I grew up on a rural eastern Washington wheat farm, and am a lifelong equestrienne.  I tend to draw on shapes and subjects that have always been part of my life, such as the rolling hills of the Palouse and farm animals.  As a result, my work is earthy with an abundance of animal forms.  I try to capture the movements, textures, expressions and behavioral quirks that I have long observed and enjoyed in the animals and geography around me.

For me, the physical process of building in clay is very rewarding.  Most often, I approach my pieces with a basic idea of what shapes, textures and overall mood I want to achieve.  Then, using what the clay gives me, such as wet and pliable slabs, or scraps that are dry and brittle, I respond to the challenge of building forms that actually stay together.  Those forms become objects that reflect emotions, familiar gestures and movements.  The glazes and surface treatments are done to enhance the form and bring an enjoyable tactile sensation to a visual piece.  The majority of my work is fired at cone 6 oxidation, with layers of oxides and glazes.



Master of Fine Arts, Washington State University, 1979


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Washington State University, 1977


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